Fountain PD thanking Good Samaritans who helped protect law enforcement officers, victim of seizure

FOUNTAIN, Colo. -- The Fountain Police Department wants to thank two Good Samaritans who helped protect three law enforcement officers and a victim having a seizure during a "pursuit" on Monday, September 25.

According to police, Corporal Amanda Hajdik was on her way to work when she spotted a red SUV stopped against the concrete barrier on the southbound on-ramp to I-25 from the MLK bypass. Hajdik said it appeared that the SUV had crashed into the barrier. When she tried to contact the driver, the SUV drove off southbound on the interstate.

Police say the SUV continued south and was weaving and switching speeds from 10mph to 40 mph. Additionally, police say the SUV hit the concrete center median so hard "that the vehicle lifted off of the ground, before settling back down and driving off again."

Hajdik then pursued the suspected DUI driver while calling for assistance. Fountain police officer Andrew Anderson and El Paso County sheriff's deputy Edwin Wilson responded to help Hajdik.

As the SUV continued to weave back and forth across all lanes of I-25, all three law enforcement officials were doing what they could to stop the SUV driver.

At this time, police say the SUV slowed down and Hajdik was able to pull up next to the SUV, where she could see the female driver who was actively having a seizure and was not in control of the SUV. Police said the SUV was now slowly rolling down the freeway. Hajdik, Anderson and Wilson were able to stop their patrol cars ahead of the SUV and were able to run alongside the woman's car, open the passenger door, and put the SUV in park.

All three attended to the woman until medical personnel arrived on scene.

Hajdik says two Good Samaritans followed during the entire "pursuit" and helped to prevent any additional cars from overtaking the police cars.

"These unidentified citizens saw what was happening and immediately acted, using their cars to protect the officers, the deputy and ultimately the victim of the seizure from further harm," Sergeant Scott Gilbertsen with the Fountain Police Department said in a statement.

The Good Samaritans left the scene before they could be identified and thanked.

"The Fountain Police Department and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office would like to thank these unidentified citizens for protecting our law enforcement officers and the civilian victim during a critical time," Gilbertsen said. "They put themselves in a dangerous situation to help not only our law enforcement officers, but a citizen they didn't know."

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