Eviction protocols for El Paso County Sheriff's deputies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo -- In the wake of the shooting in Park County, we took a look at the eviction protocols at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office to see if something like that could happen here.

The six deputies with the civil unit execute roughly 30 evictions every day.

While their job may be less dangerous than patrol deputies, there's still a big unknown every time they put on their uniform.

"Anytime I knock on a door I don't know if someone's going to greet me with a gun or a handshake," said Deputy Ralp Losasso of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

The civil unit gets orders from the court. They post a notice letting people know they have to vacate the property. If they don't, they come in with a moving crew to put their stuff on the sidewalk.

"It could get very heated, but typically we're taught to be able to talk to people, try to work with them. Again, you gotta keep in mind this is civil process. This isn't a criminal charge. We're not going in to arrest anybody, so we typically try to work with a tenant as best we can," said Losasso.

Sometimes they get information that the person could be violent.

"Knowing that, we usually like to send multiple deputies to the residence in case things were to escalate, but sometimes we don't know. Like I said earlier, you don't know what you're getting each time you knock on a door," said Losasso.

The tragedy in Park County has them rethinking their procedures.

"Anytime an officer is either injured or killed in the line of duty, all agencies across Colorado and the whole United States re-evaluate how they're doing things, because they want to make it as safe as possible," said Losasso.

"It hits home. It hits home hard for each and every one of us. When we put on that uniform we don't know at the end of the day whether we're gonna come home or not," said Losasso.

On top of the roughly 1,800 evictions the civil unit executes every year, they also serve a total of about 6,500 court orders, which include things like restraining orders.

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