UPDATE: Surveillance video refutes mom's claim about District 2 bus mistake

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Previously on FOX21 News, we reported that a mother said her second grade student was dropped at the wrong bus stop and was told to walk home. Harrison District 2 conducted an investigation to determine what exactly happened by reviewing bus surveillance video.

They showed the video to FOX 21's Carly Moore. We are unable to publish it to protect the identity of the children.

The video shows the inside of the bus, where the little girl was sitting near the back of the bus with another young boy. When the bus arrived at her stop, the rest of her siblings got off, but she didn't.

"In this case, I would say it played out a little differently than what you heard and what viewers saw yesterday," said Harrison District Two representative Christine O'Brian.

Once the two realize they missed their stop, you can hear the little boy say, "It's okay. We'll get off at Giberson then walk home."

The child never alerted the bus driver that she had missed her bus stop, which shows the mother we spoke to Wednesday may have misunderstood the circumstances.

The video shows the two second graders getting off at Giberson, but they didn't communicate with the bus driver that it wasn't their stop.

"The child did exit with numerous other children, about 17 children, and the child was met with by a group of parents," O'Brian said. "Unfortunately it wasn't this child's stop or her parent waiting."

At the Giberson stop, the video shows the bus driver asking to see the two kids' wristbands, which indicate which stop they are supposed to use, but the two kids just walked off the bus.

The bus driver didn't stop them, and the district admits to that error. O'Brian said they have since made sure all children are identified and double checked that bus drivers have all the documentation for their riders.

"Moving forward in our practice for today's summer school, was to make sure every child was identified and tagged visibly, with their name, their campus, their address, their stop and their parent contact information," O'Brian said.

O'Brian said they spoke to the driver and other adult monitors on the bus to ensure situations like this don't happen again.

District administration spoke highly of the driver.

"This particular driver is really conscientious. Anytime there has been a problem she went above and beyond to remedy that," O'Brian said. "We've got a driver here who is experienced and really takes a lot of care in getting children safely where they need to be, and really sees her place on the educational team for these children."

O'Brian said it's a good lesson for all students who may be riding the bus this coming year.

"Encourage your child to speak up to the adult, to the bus driver or the bus monitor," said O'Brian.

The district also recommends parents teach their kids which bus stop is theirs and which friends they should get off the bus with, especially if adults aren't able to meet kids at the bus stop.

The mother of the girl is still upset. She said the bus driver didn't do enough and she plans on using alternative transportation for her kids.

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