More than a fourth of D-60's entire student body has been chronically absent

PUEBLO, Colo. - New numbers released by Pueblo City Schools show thousands of students in Pueblo aren't showing up for class.

More than a fourth of the district's entire student body has been chronically absent.

District 60 says they have a major truancy problem, meaning some kids have more than four unexcused absences in a month, or ten in a year.

The district says it's hurting grades and test scores, and they are now hoping an alternative program with community advocates will help.

"Obviously solving truancy and absenteeism doesn't work by suspending those students, so we want to be .... very supportive in those roles and one of the key ways that we do that, is through our community advocates," said Dalton Sprouse with Pueblo City Schools.

District 60 currently has 18 community advocates working with students one-on-one to be positive influences and keep them in the classroom.

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