Colorado Springs churches prioritize safety following S. Carolina church shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Right here in the Springs, we know all too well about church shootings.

In 2007, Matthew Murray killed two people at New Life Church.

With the church shooting in South Carolina, some Colorado Springs churches said it's more important than ever to make sure everyone is safe.

One church in the Springs said they have two reactions to the shooting in South Carolina.

The first is to pray for everyone involved, but they didn't stop there.

"Our second response needs to be being there for people before they get to the extremes. We're helping them in the midst of their story or helping them in the midst of the crap they're going through," said Discovery Church Student Pastor Jason Privett.

There are multiple areas to ensure safety at a church.

"We believe that the church should be a safe place, not just for your story and what you're really going through, but also a physical safety. There's a physical safety component, so we have a security team who goes through training and is armed and is ready to protect all the people who come in here," said Privett.

Discovery said they have procedures in place in case something like this happens here.

"So soon as something happens they lock down all the doors and you can only get in there with security code," said Privett. "They lock down all the doors, pull down all the shutters or they evacuate, so there's definitely an evacuation plan that we have in place."

Security and emergency planning don't bother churchgoers.

"The congregation embraces that security," said Privett. "They realize the world we live in and we need that."

Colorado Springs police said active shooter situations are some of the most important scenarios to be vigilant about.

"We really emphasize to the public that they are the first line of defense, that if they see something to say something," said Colorado Springs Police Lt. Catherine Buckley.

Police said it's important for people to be the first line of defense, because this type of situation can happen anywhere, anytime--not just at churches and schools.

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