Colorado Springs Utilities says high bills due to leaks, consumption; customers say 'no way'

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Hundreds of Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) customers are complaining about higher bills, some even saying they're seeing increases two and three times more than usual.

Customers have been commenting on the CSU Facebook page, both commercial and residential saying their bills must be incorrect.

Amy Lynn Rockey posted, "My bill went up $100 more than usual. I am just posting here to add to the masses who report the same."

The complaint is specifically for the month of September and almost everyone is saying it's their water bill.

A CSU spokesperson addressed the issue on Wednesday, October 4, saying everything looks correct on their end so it must be consumption or possibly a leak.

CSU also says this particular billing cycle is 32 days and perhaps that has something to do with it.

While we have experienced some wet weather recently, CSU says from the end of August there were trace amounts of rain but for most of September it was hot and dry, which is why people may have been using their sprinklers or watering the garden more than they thought but not everyone is convinced.

Eric Isaacson, a spokesperson for CSU said, "We don't find any errors in our system so unfortunately that means customers need to look at their systems and what they have. There's no saying that they don't have any leaks and you can certainly call us, 448-4800. Put us through the process of saying hey we need to look into your system and we can send someone out to look at it and see if there's any leaks or anything going on on their side of the house."

CSU posted a response to these complaints on its Facebook page, receiving hundreds of comments from folks saying, 'no way'.

Lisa Douglas posted, "Half the city didn't suddenly spring leaks in their sprinklers in the same month nor did residents suddenly decide to use double the water. It isn't merely a coincidence. It's something on your end."

If you think your utility bill is wrong call 719-448-4800. If a leak is confirmed, you could be eligible for compensation.

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