Hundreds march in anti-Trump protest in downtown Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- As protests against a Donald Trump presidency continue all over the nation, hundreds peacefully picketed in downtown Colorado Springs Sunday.

It started in Acacia Park, then protesters marched down Nevada and Tejon, expressing their disapproval with signs and chants.

"As a woman, as a Jew, as a lesbian, it was very hurtful, my friends who supported Trump and Trump himself in the messages that he perceives is not acceptable," Andi Van Gogh with the Coalition for Compassion & Action said. "You must treat everyone with respect and dignity."

Van Gogh said whether you voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it's our responsibility as citizens of the United States to hold all levels of government accountable.

Many marchers were wearing safety pins, a movement originally started in Europe after the historic Brexit vote. The safety pin is a symbol of inclusion for all minorities, but supporters said those wearing them must act on the meaning.

"I'm a native of Colorado Springs," said Van Gogh. "My father spent two tours at Fort Carson. This is my city and I'm going to continue to stand up and make sure that everyone is included in this city and that we're not leaving other people out."

Kathy Olson was just a bystander enjoying the afternoon downtown when the protest marched through--a scene she says looks a lot different than what's happening in other cities across America.

"I thought it was very interesting. I think it was great. There has been a lot of hype about all the violence going on at the marches," Olson said. "I thought it was very peaceful, definitely getting their point across. I thought it was great. I think it's kind of cool that people take to the streets and express their opinion in a peaceful, non-violent way."

Olson said she absolutely has hope for unity in the future. As for Van Gogh, she said even though she criticizes the president-elect, she will show respect.

"The bottom line is that I don't disrespect Donald Trump for winning the nomination," said Van Gogh. "That's fine and I will back our President. That is what you do as a citizen of the United States,."

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