Give!: Diakonia Preschools provide early start for children

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Brenda Jones is a proud parent at Diakonia Preschools. 

“My son can now recognize his letters,"  Jones said. "He can even spell his name!" she exclaimed.

Jones knows the power of early education.  That’s the main goal of this preschool.

"Research shows children who go to preschool have a better chance of succeeding in school,”  school founder Tiffiny Pieper said.  “They have a better chance of graduating from high school and not being incarcerated or having a teen pregnancy."

In 2010, Pieper founded Diakonia, which means “to serve” in Greek.  Now, there are five schools serving the community.

"We serve 150 students a week and we have never turned one away," Pieper said. “The Diakonia mission is to serve the community through quality education from a diverse socio-economic demographic.”

Marjie Perkalis is the director of the school.

"Our programs focus on a child’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth in a loving, nurturing environment," Perkalis said.

Jones can attest to the nurturing environment of the school. 

“They really make you feel like family,”  she said. "It was meant to be."

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