First two-story indoor electric go kart track in the US opening in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The first two-story indoor electric go kart track in the US is coming to Colorado Springs. Overdrive Raceway is going up in the North Gate area next to Bass Pro Shops.

Soon the $6 million, 68,000 square foot building will have two quarter-mile Formula One racetracks where you and the entire family can battle it out for fastest on four electric wheels.

"This is a place where older kids would enjoy, younger kids," said owner Jennifer Mundle. "Our 9-year-old really likes the experience of being able to get behind the wheel and feel like she can drive also like her big brother and sisters."

From a space for birthday parties to a bar and lounge, this family owned raceway is one of a kind in the nation.

"It has never been done in the United States to have an upstairs track, so we are very excited," owner James Mundle said. "We will have a bottom track that is different than the top, a different experience."

The first floor will mainly be for the kiddos, but the top is the fast track, and it's for adults only.

They'll have 14 kid karts which go up to 25 miles per hour and 40 big kid karts topping out at 55. These are state of the art Italian pro electric go karts.

"What makes them different is torque on these cars. You have immediate power as opposed to gas carts," Mundle said.

But the coolest thing about Overdrive is their specially made, hand-controlled karts for those who can't use their legs to drive. Mundle knows firsthand what it's like to be told you can't do something. He's a double amputee. So making this an experience for everyone was one of his main goals for the raceway.

"We have a big military community that we would like to serve, so having hand controlled carts would help give everybody the experience that we're looking for," said Mundle.

They're hoping the indoor go kart track will be ready to open by Memorial Day weekend.

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